Antonio Pedrosa

António Pedrosa has worked as a photojournalist since 1996. He has published in various Portuguese and international newspapers. Alongside this, he develops work in the field of documentary photography. In 2012 he won the Great Prize “Estação de Imagem | Mora” for Documentary Photography The following year he won a “Estação de Imagem | Mora” grant to develop the “The Pose and The Pray” project that was published in May 2014. In 2014 won Hasselblad Master 2014 prize for editorial photography. In 2015 winner "Sports" category in PDN Photo Annual and 2nd in "sports singles" and 3rd in "sports series" in POY LATAM 2015.

Founding member of COLECTIVO  photo collective founded in 2015, since dedicated to long-term documentary projects and visual narratives.

Teaching documentary photography at IPCI, Portugal.


Winner, with COLECTIVO, of  Bolsa Exploração Nomad

Winner, with COLECTIVO, of Artist Iniatiative grant (2015)

 PDN Photo Annual - Winner in the "Sports" Category (2015) 

POY LATAM - 3th prize "sports series" and 2nd in "sports singles" (2015)

Hasselblad Master 2015 - "Editorial" category (2014) 

Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography Grant - Finalist (2013)   

Estação Imagem - Grant Winner / Mora, Portugal (2013) 


"Caça Grossa" Estação Imagem, CPF, Porto, Portugal (2014)

"TROIKA em construção" - Edíficio AXA / Porto, Portugal (2014)

"Dur Duris", Entre Margens, Museu do Douro|, Porto,Amarante,Mirandela (2013)

Estação Imagem, Cordoaria Nacional, Lisbon, Portugal (2012) 

Estação Imagem, CPF, Porto, Portugal (2012) 

Estação Imagem - Great Prize / Mora, Portugal (2012)


"Caça Grossa", Estação Imagem, 2014

Projecto Troika, 2014

"Hasselblad Masters Vol. 4 - Evolve", published by teNeues, 2014

Entre Margens, Museu do Douro, 2013